Wine News | Ricky Ponting’s tips for hitting Father’s Day for a six

Cricketing legend Ricky Ponting has urged people of all ages to connect with their dads this Father’s Day, saying quality time is the perfect gift.
Drawing on his own experience spending time away from his family when playing international cricket, Ponting has also reflected on the impact his own father has had on his life.
“My dad never made a fuss about Father’s Day, nor would he expect or ask for any sort of celebration, and I am sure most Aussie dads are exactly the same,” Ponting said.
“But for the millions of us who can’t travel to see our dads this Father’s Day, it is more important than ever to take some time out to check in and let him know you appreciate him.
“As a boy I learned about cricket, and life, listening to the stories of my dad and the men of the Mowbray Cricket Club.
“It is hard to contemplate we have people all around the country at the moment who can’t enjoy those casual moments of learning from their fathers, and from their father’s peers.”
Ponting and wife Rianna have three children – Emmy, Matisse and Fletcher.
“My ideal Father’s Day is having a bit of a sleep in, then breakfast in bed while unwrapping presents with the kids,” he said. “Like most Dads I’ll probably get a couple of pairs of socks or some aftershave or maybe, with some luck, a nice bottle of wine. Then we’ll all sit down to a nice chilled Sunday afternoon lunch, usually a BBQ or something like that.
“I do get spoiled, and we make sure to do the same thing for Rianna on Mother’s Day. Spending time with my young family on days like this mean the most to me.”
As for the wine he’ll be sipping, Ponting said: “Rianna and I really enjoy sharing a glass of wine together and exploring delicious food pairings.

“These days I am open to trying a range of varietals from different regions and abroad. But if pushed, Shiraz has always been a favourite, that and Tasmanian Pinot Noir.”

Fond memories inspire Ponting Wines

Ponting’s fond memories of his father and the men of the Mowbray Cricket Club have been immortalised in his Ponting Wine range, particularly the Mowbray Boy Tasmanian Pinot Noir and the recently released Milestone 127 Barossa Shiraz.
Ponting Wines is a collaboration between Ricky Ponting and award-winning Australian winemaker Ben Riggs. Riggs is famed for his award-winning Mr Riggs Wine Co, founded in 2001 after he spent decades creating vintages at McLaren Vale’s Wirra Wirra.
“The Mowbray Boy pays tribute to my dad and all his mates at the Mowbray Cricket Club who shaped my life and my career, while the Milestone 127 Barossa Shiraz marks a time when I was enjoying huge success in my career but was also spending a lot of time away from my family.” he said.
“Both of these wines tell a story about parenthood and the sacrifices our parents make for us.”
As well as the Mowbray Boy Tasmanian Pinot Noir and the Milestone 127 Barossa Shiraz, key crowd favourites include the Pinnacle McLaren Vale Shiraz and Close of Play Langhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon.
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